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a unit of computing speed equal to one thousand million million floating-point operations per second.
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PetaFlops for faster Office Virtual Desktops and Remote Desktops

Virtual Desktops
Virtual Desktops from Nvidia (Virtual PC), Citrix (Xen) and VMWare (Horizon) give users the benefits of being able to work anywhere on any device while the business keeps data and apps secure and consistent across all users.
Many organisations also find considerable infrastructure savings as employees begin to telecommute and work from site.
Even Microsoft Remote Desktop provides basic office applications to users whilst securing data.
Performance was great 5 year ago but today these users are working in a much more graphical environment spending a significant part of each day in browsers and office apps making more and more use of graphics.
Users expect performance that just can’t be delivered with CPU-only solutions.

Nvidia GPUs and GPU-accelerated servers accelerate these environments so that users get a faster remote experience whether working on a tablet at remote site or an old PC from home.
Not only is the user experience significantly better, the use of GPUs allows a higher density of users to be supported by each host.

We have NVIDIA GRID VIRTUAL PC software licenses  and maintenance available.

Find out why you should be using Nvidia Virtual PC

Please give us a call to discuss your specific requirements.
We are authorised by HPe, Dell, Lenovo, Citrix, Microsoft and Nvidia GPU specialists
If your users work with Engineering, Architecture and Design software  we have solutions designed specifically to provide them with under-the-desk  workstation performance on a tablet or at a remote site.
Remote Desktops

Systems accessed via Microsoft RDP (RDSH) also have the need for GPU-acceleration.
Remote users want to stream video, use the latest browsers with graphical content and work with graphics within office apps.
Nvidia Grid Virtual Applications allow these applications to be accelerated under RDP sessions.

Petaflops Systems Accelerating Remote Desktop and Virtual Desktops

We have T4 GPUs designed for retrofitting into existing terminal servers and virtual desktop hosts.
These boards are specially designed to occupy a single slot and consume only 70W power allowing multiple boards to be supported in a standard industry server without special power supply.
We also have higher performance systems for maximising the density of users and providing the highest performance.
We recommend the Nvidia V100, RTX6000 and RTX8000 and T4 GPUs from Nvidia based upon the latest Turing technology for Virtualisation.
We have systems supporting multiple V100, RTX and T4 GPUs to accelerate your Remote Desktop and Virtual Desktop experience.


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